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New Jocks and Open Back Trunks from Full Kit Gear
posted by: deusex | Thursday April 2, 2015

Full Kit Gear Jocks and Open Back Trunks
Full Kit Gear Jocks and Open Back Trunks

Fetish fashionistas Full Kit Gear have expanded their jockstrap and underwear offerings with an all new sexy knit pouch Swim Jock and a hot and revealing Open Back Trunk. As with the previous creations, they’re well made and very affordable and at the moment, Jockstrap Central the first online to carry it. Read on…

Full Kit Gear Swim Jock

Loosely styled on the classics except this swimmer jockstrap has an awesome ribbed knit pouch that’s soft right out of the box with all the comfort and support you need. The ribbing not only cradles your manhood but allows for expansion when needed (isn’t it always?) Contrasting piping frames the pouch adding support but also adds visual appeal drawing the eye to your package – always a good thing.

Full Kit Gear Open Back Trunk

The front of this jock trunk is made mostly of cotton with just enough lycra to ensure comfort, maintain shape and also to give you room to expand when you need it. The silky soft fabric is exactly what you want cradling your boys and the contrasting piping around the pouch not only provides structure but also draws the eye exactly where you want to be seen. However, as nice as the front is, this gear is all about the back. Think trunk with a cut out feature and piping around the opening giving you a “bullseye” effect. It’s sure to get you the attention your bubble butt deserves. It’s a wear every day trunk with a little kink provided by the assless nature and the fetish friendly colors.

Due to popular demand, we got our handsome hunky and hirsute model Jonathan back to give the new jocks and trunks a workout. Be sure to head over to Jockstrap Central to dive into check out Jonathan’s bubble butt highlighted by all the new Full Kit Gear.


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Jockstrap Central Testing the Waters with Nasty Pig Swimwear
posted by: deusex | Tuesday March 24, 2015

Nasty Pig Swimwear

We’ve decided to add swimwear to the Jockstrap Central lineup so choosing our best selling brand Nasty Pig only made sense to test the water. We’re launching with three styles, two form fitting bikini styles (Knockout or Wave Bikini) or the fitted Layback Swim Trunk (more of a form fitting nylon short) so there’s something for everyone. Here’s more details:

Nasty Pig Wave Bikini Swimsuit and Knockout Bikini Swimsuit

With NP’s speedo style swimsuits, you’ll be bringing Nasty Pig cool to the beach or pool. Choose either a low-rise or mid-rise design depending on what suits you best. The low-rise one called the Knockout is the more traditional with sexy sleek horizontal two toned panelling with contrasting piping and big ol’ NP logo on one side. For more of a statement, choose the Wave for it’s swooping undulating design that not only accentuates your backside but draws all attention to your bulge up front. Both are made with a sturdy Polymide and Spandex blend that’s durable but with just the right amount of stretch so they fit you like a glove.

Nasty Pig Layback Swim Trunk

With the Layback Trunk you’ll be bringing NP’s street style to the beach boardwalk. Perfect if a fitted bikini style swimsuit isn’t your thing but you can’t stand the unflattering, below the knee shorts with enough billowing fabric to make a parachute that some people called swimsuits (we just call them ugly). This is a short, fitted, hot looking swim short that will still give you great tan lines and still show off your body without clinging. It’s made of 100% nylon with three pockets, two side ones and one back one to hold your goodies.

All three designs are loaded with high end detailing like metal eyelets, metal aglets and inner lining plus a metal snap button and fully functional fly for the Layback Trunk.


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Like Sexy Underwear? Go Sukrew Yourself
posted by: deusex | Thursday March 5, 2015

Sukrew Underwear at Jockstrap Central
Sukrew Underwear at Jockstrap Central

Sukrew set out to design underwear (and jockstraps) that make you feel “sexual, sensual and confident” and they have accomplished just that with their Britannia Collection of power bulging designs but especially so with the styles that put them on the map – the Full Frontal Sukrew U Trunk and Sukrew U Brief (more on them below) all in a either Union Jack or Tartan motif.

Of course this enhancing underwear is not just some underwear with a gimmick, it’s quality all the way with their striking fabrics, double stitching, impeccable craftsmanship and unique paneled construction that ensures they all fit like a glove.

For the conservative guy (and we say that tongue in cheek) you’ll love the Sukrew Full Trunk or Sukrew Full Brief with their full coverage and their generous super 3D contoured pouches, cut high so the pouch opening sits up under the balls pushing everything up and out. The FV Brief is a hybrid jock and brief design incorporating the full 3d pouch but with ultra wide back straps.

However, for the guy who likes to let it all hang out: The Sukrew U Trunk and U Brief is the design that started the Sukrew sensation. Named after its front “U panel with a hole just big enough to give your entire package the freedom it needs (and put it all out on display). As if having your dick out there for all to see wasn’t enough, a panel of red fills in the U above your dick, showcasing it and the reinforced U ensures the front area clings to your body and your boys are riding high.

Be sure to check out the whole Sukrew collection on our big-in-every-way model Tristian over at our website – the view is uncut and uncensored.


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Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Moonshine Jock and Short
posted by: deusex | Thursday February 19, 2015

Male Power Radical Sport Moonshine Jockstrap and Short
Male Power Radical Sport Moonshine Jockstrap and Short


Male Power’s two best selling designs are by far their Moonshine Jockstrap and their Zipper Short. They’re undeniably sexy and both fly off our shelves as soon as we bring them in. But now, Male Power is back with the Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Moonshine Jockstrap and the Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Short adding a front zipper to the Moonshine and making them both in a soft, slinky and stunning striped fabric in either slate-blue and black or wine and black. We love them.

The Male Power Radical Sport Moonshine Jockstrap has a low-rise brief front but gets it’s “moonshine” name from the back – the best way to describe it is a brief back with a big hole cut out for your “moon” to shine. As mentioned, the fabric is striped and the stripes help to accentuate the contours of your package and because it’s nylon and spandex, it’s super soft feeling almost like silk against your boys (they’ll love you for it!). And new to the Moonshine design is the zipper in the front pouch so now your front can be as exposed as your rear.

The Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Short, just like the original, has a low rise trunk cut and a very noticeable front zipper pouch for easy access. The spandex nylon combo not only feels great against your boys but it stretches in all the right places making this one hot go go short that’s sure to draw attention. And speaking of drawing attention, like the jock, the striped fabric although subtle does it’s job of highlighting every contour of your package.

Both designs includes a welcome extra fabric backing behind the zipper to help prevent things getting caught, but please still be careful.

Our big hunky model and fitness trainer Tristian is back to put the new Male Gear through their paces so be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to enjoy the view.


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Nasty Pig Imprint Jockstraps and Briefs
posted by: deusex | Thursday February 5, 2015

Nasty Pig Imprint Jockstraps and Briefs


Nasty Pig is back with Imprint, their first collection for 2015 and it’s a stripped down back to basics collection of low rise jockstraps and briefs. This is pure Nasty Pig and is sure to become a classic. As Nasty Pig says, black and white never goes out of style, it’s a timeless look that always feels modern, and it goes with everything you own. A bold and sexy design guaranteed to leave a high impact impression.

Whether it’s the Nasty Pig Imprint Jockstrap or the Nasty Pig Imprint Brief, it’s pretty obvious that this is some hot looking gear, but beyond style in both the jock and brief you’ll find snug fitting contoured pouches which are double walled for extra durability and made with Nasty Pig’s signature ribbed cotton with a hint of spandex for comfort fit and stretch. Edged with black piping for pouch structure and visual impact.

And speaking of visual impact, don’t worry, with the big bold Nasty Pig logos at the front and sides of Imprint’s super plushed comfort waistband, it will be hard not to get noticed.

Finally, timed perfectly with the launch of Imprint, Nasty Pig has released a new black or white version of their best selling Baller Socks so you can mix and match between jocks, briefs and socks for a total Nasty Pig look.


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Todd Sanfield Arrives at Jockstrap Central
posted by: deusex | Thursday January 22, 2015

Todd Sanfield Underwear
Todd Sanfield Underwear


…well, not Todd Sanfield the model, but his awesome underwear line. In case you don’t know, Todd Sanfield is one hell of a model working out of New York City. He’s ruggedly handsome with a body of death but he’s not just a pretty face, he’s also a businessman that’s taken all his experience in the fashion word and directed into the design of a collection of jockstraps and underwear which is the perfect marriage of style and function. Whether it’s the jock, brief or trunk, satisfaction is key using a fine, soft brushed cotton with a touch of spandex for that added stretch and constructed with an improved contoured pouch for the ideal fit and ultimate comfort. Style wise, it’s all sexy and sophisticated using combinations of black, white and a pale blue with a paneled construction.

All three designs come in three color variations with a base color of either black, light blue or white with the contrast colors showing up as detailing. While all designs are striking, of particular note is the jockstrap: – it’s a unique take incorporating a low rise brief front. It’s light and airy up front and totally air conditioned in the back. With a natural contoured pouch design with just the right about of lift to ensure the perfect bulge. At the sides, the brief style front ends at an angle where the jock straps begin their journey down around your ass cheeks, disappearing into your nether region and finally connecting back to the bottom of the front pouch. The effect not only looks modern and stylish, but it’s comfortable too.

We managed to get the new Todd Sanfield underwear on three different models to really get a feel for how they look on three different body types. So be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to check out our models Matt, Gerry and Spence taking the new gear for a spin and for more in-depth descriptions of all the designs.

We’re also offering our free/discounted shipping on $40 or more this week, so you just need to order two of these new designs to get the shipping offer.


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