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posted by: deusex | Friday June 12, 2009


There’s no doubt in my mind that Jeff from Str8cam is an underwear fetishist’s wet dream and with few exceptions his live cam shows will have us all cuming in perfect sync with him. Like I mentioned in my last Str8cam post, he loves to take requests and very often that is customizing underwear for his viewers. This time it’s a pair of Bikini Briefs that he wear throughout the show and finishes off with a huge vertical fountain of a cum shot – with which he wipes up the ooey gooey mess with said Bikini Briefs. As a bonus, he then uses his still erect dick as a clothes dryer.

straight guy in bikini briefs

Jeff is one of the rare male cammers who just never seems to tire of camming and putting on a show. So many cammers are obviously bored and treat their viewers like shit, as if the cammer has given the viewer the privilege of viewing them and wouldn’t lower themselves to take a request. Completely the opposite of Jeff. I’ve watched countless shows of his and he performs with a smile and with sincerity. Need proof? Then there’s a complete archive of his past cam shows you can watch on his site.


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Show Off Your Jockstraps
posted by: deusex | Monday December 29, 2008

I’ve been trying to get this new section going for a while, but haven’t had the time. We have a similar section over on our Jockstrapping Blog called Your Jockstraps, and it’s been a huge success, so now here’s the Un-der-who? version of it.

Of course it won’t be a success without your photo submissions, so if you aren’t shy, and you have some underwear photos of yourself that you consider interesting, creative, sexy, hot, kinky, fun, drool worthy, beautiful (or any combination of those words), then we want to see them. To submit your photos, click this link

Anyway, on to the first of our Your Underwear series…

Our first guy calls himself DAVED. He’s from London, England and as you can see he loves his briefs. You can also see that he fills them quite well, and correct me if I’m wrong, but by the wet spot on that turquoise number, I think he’s gotten a little excited. (funny, looking at his photos, that’s the same effect they had on me!)

So, here’s what he has to say:

“i love underwear i think there very sexy and a turn on luv see guys just in their pants”

(pants is a British term for underwear, in case you didn’t know)

If you want to contact Daved, you can either email him using the link below and also don’t forget to use the comment system of the blog to let everyone know what you think of Daved and also the launch of our new section – Your Underwear.


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Show Off Your Jockstraps
posted by: deusex | Monday July 7, 2008

three guys in bikini briefs

VarsityMen doesn’t do a lot of underwear photos, but most sets contain a few and the shots of their really stunning college studs in underwear are pretty amazing. So instead of doing a post with only two or three photos and leave you guys feeling cheated of a real post, I’m going to group these hotties into three.

Alec, Peter and Tomas are all wearing bikini briefs (aka slips on the other side of the ocean). I know it’s not a very popular style of underwear, but I think they’re really sexy for this reason: To me, the guys who wear this style are straight and don’t buy their own underwear, either their girlfriends or mothers buy their underwear at the local department store in 5 packs. They are usually in heavy cotton flannel, don’t have a fly (who uses those anyway) and they stretch out and become shapeless pretty quickly, but unlike so many gay guys pretending to be straight on gay porn sites, I believe these guys are – because of their underwear. And I love seeing straight guys in underwear. It turns me on.

straight guy in bikini briefs

bikini briefs

straight guy in briefs

college guy in underwear

guy in bikini briefs

straight guy in briefs

college guys in underwear

varsity men in briefs

bikini briefs and slips

So, there you have it – three hunks in their bikini briefs proably bought on sale at JC Penny by their mothers.

If you’re looking for a lot of underwear content, you won’t find it on VarsityMen, but what you will find is a mature site with 200+ hunky college type models in high quality photos and although their videos were clear and small, they have recently upped the size with their recent models and are now fantastic as well. I’ve owned a porn site in a past life and I know how tough it is to find models, let alone consistently find good looking models. VarsityMen has a secret in attracting these models and If I were them I’d keep it locked away because very few other sites have this many stunning models.


Show Off Your Jockstraps
posted by: deusex | Friday July 4, 2008

two straight guys hanging out

Here’s the scoop on the latest photo and video update on MenOver30:

Two ( hot ) 30 something best friends get together one friday night for some straight buddy bonding which of course includes stripping out of their jeans into their underwear – a pair of tight boxer trunks for one and a pair of colored 2(x)ist bikini briefs on the other. After some horseplay and comparing of underwear choices, the eventually get naked, pop in some porn on the tv, and sit back on the couch to jerk off. That’s the way life should be – just too guys comfortable enough with each other to share something pleasurable like masturbating with no strings attached.

two guys get naked and jerk off in briefs

straight guys in underwear

straight guys compare underwear

two hot straight guys strip to their underwear

straight guys hanging out in their underwear

MenOver30 have been going for quite a while and with their weekly updates, there’s now over 150 models (both solo and duos.) Each model (or models) has a high-res photoset, plus really big videos in multiple formats (Real Video, Quicktime, and pretty huge Windows Media ones as well.) Underwear isn’t always present, as a lot of their models freeball, but I’d say around 60% of them do wear underwear. So if that’s good enough for you, and you like your guys older, then you may want to check them out.


older men in underwear

Show Off Your Jockstraps
posted by: deusex | Monday February 11, 2008

…and finds Jordan Santelli

low-rise jeans and 70s cop glasses

When I go to the library, sure I see guys with glasses, but I’ve never seen a guy like Jordan (with bad 70s cop glasses.) Maybe I’m just living in the wrong city. Regardless, I’ll just have to live my library fantasies through good old Randy Blue.

Completing the retro theme, Randy shoots Jordan with a textured wall paper back drop and some crazy aqua and avocado paneled fly-less briefs. Even if you can’t appreciate the whole retro thing going on, I’m sure Jordan’s handsome face and completely ripped body is enough to distract from your haunting past.

retro bkini briefs

Off course, typical of Randy’s shoots, it doesn’t take long to get Jordan out of the low-rise jeans and push his retro underwear down to his hips to release that rather fine hardon and low-hangers.

click the “continue” link for the rest of the post (and more photos):


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Show Off Your Jockstraps
posted by: deusex | Thursday October 11, 2007

straight guy in underwear

Some guys might be down when their blue, but Jeff is nothing but up looking pretty fine in his blue bikini briefs. Obviously, that underwear is a turn on for Jeff too by the size of his creamy load he shoots all over them.

Jeff owns a website called STR8CAM where you can see him perform twice a week and in between the shows, he’s provided 5 years of archived shows and galleries to keep you occupied. What’s even better is Jeff loves his underwear and it’s a major feature of the site. He’s also a really nice guy and I’m sure if you had a particular underwear request, he’d do his best to fulfill it!

str8cam jeff in blue bikini briefs


tented briefs

the briefs come off and jeff shoots his load into them

As you can probably tell from Jeff’s website name, he is a straight guy, but he’s completely gay friendly. He loves his gay audience and caters to them too.

With literally hundreds of archived videos and hundreds of photosets and two live shows weekly, STR8CAM is a great deal and definitely worth checking out!


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Show Off Your Jockstraps